TouchRight Tips: How to maximise the battery life of your phone

Mobile phones have evolved dramatically in the last decade and it’s hard to imagine life without them. However, phone batteries are a huge cause of frustration with battery life letting mobile users down on a daily basis. To ease your frustration take a look at our TouchRight Tips: How to maximise the battery life of your phone …

Here at TouchRight, we appreciate that a fully charged phone is a vital piece of kit for busy agents who are constantly on-the-move, on-site at properties compiling numerous property reports to meet tight deadlines. As batteries deteriorate over time, it’s important to check your device and make sure the settings are optimised so you get the most out of your phone.

1. Check Battery Usage

An important first step is to check your battery usage located in your phone’s general settings. For iPhone’s it’s possible to switch into ‘Low Power Mode’ which temporarily reduces background activity like downloads and fetching emails. For Android phones, there a ‘Power Saving Mode’ option to extend battery life. This is an easy way to save juice when your battery starts reducing.

Secondly, check battery usage on your device, and you’ll immediately see what apps are using the most power. You might be surprised to see what apps use the most battery, and how many apps you have open on your phone! Some common apps that use a lot of battery include Facebook and Maps, as well as streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix. Whilst these apps are often vital to our everyday life, a useful tip is to close them when they’re not in use. With iOS devices, this can be done by double-clicking the home button, before swiping up the relevant tabs to close them down. Similar options are available for Android devices.

2. Be Efficient with TouchRight

We’ve also devised a few tips to help preserve battery power when using the TouchRight app. We recommend that you download all your day’s appointments, or send the reports back, whilst your device is still on charge. The reason for this is that they often don’t need to be done whilst at the property, and can drain the battery with high amounts of data. Also using WiFi rather than your device’s mobile data is less demanding on usage, as well as giving you a saving on your mobile phone bill!

Our multiple camera function make it easier than ever to add photos. For saving battery, we suggest that you take photos in your camera’s standard setting, and then pull them into the report from your camera roll into the TouchRight app. This reduces strain on your device’s CPU, saving you battery.

3. Charge between Appointments, and use a Portable Charger

Long days out of the office will drain even the most efficient phones. The most obvious way to preserve the battery charge is to make sure you have an in-car charger, so you can add a bit of charge in-between appointments.

The other really useful piece of kit is a portable power bank. These accessories offer multiple charges for your device and ensure you can get your daily tasks completed without the stress of battery life worries. Power banks are an inexpensive and very portable way to get the most out of your phone, with prices ranging from £15 to £50. Here’s a useful link to Tech Radar’s best power banks for 2019.

Whilst these tips are valuable to everyday usage of your device, the biggest change we recommend is to update and replace your device when necessary. Frequent day-to-day use of a device will naturally decrease battery efficiency, so it is important to update the software and apps when possible. For more information on which devices we recommend, please get in touch.

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