We have a wide range of customers from across the UK using TouchRight, here's a selection...

Some customers have been kind enough to send us a few words, and have even been recorded on video!

Spencer Lawrence
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Spencer Lawrence

Lettings Director, Paramount

‘In an already busy industry, TouchRight takes the stress out of what is a fundamental part of property management at the tap of a button.  TouchRight provides the tools to effectively provide clients with updated snapshots of their properties in a user-friendly format.’

Nick Devonport
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Nick Devonport

Managing Director, Kaleidoscope Group

‘As a business we like to be at the cutting edge, introducing innovative products that enhance the customer experience.  The team at TouchRight have developed a market leading solution that our customer love. The design, simple to read layouts and practical user experience is in our opinion best in class.

It is nice to work with a team that listens to your needs and deliver on expectation from start to finish and beyond….’

Zoe Bywater
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Zoe Bywater

Franchise owner Belvoir Lettings, Bedford & Biggleswade

‘We now use s​martphone/tablet based ​inspection software ​with online appointment mapping. ​Reports can be created at a property and synced back remotely, so staff in the office can finalise PDF reports​ and immediately email links to landlords and tenants whilst the member of ​staff is still out and about.

It has a professional format with our logos and saves considerable time once we return to the office. It is very user friendly and adaptable to suit our needs. There is clearly a cost implication however the time saved ​easily ​outweighs that​. We have been really pleased with TouchRight​ and would​ ​recommend it.’

Richard Baker
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Richard Baker

Franchise owner Belvoir Lettings, Northampton & Rugby

‘A great bit of kit for covering off property inspections quickly but accurately. Feedback from landlord customers since we started using TouchRight has been very positive – they get a smart looking report that instills confidence, whilst we are operating more efficiently with a higher quality inspection report. Would highly recommend to other agents with medium to large sized portfolios.’

Wendy Hadley
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Wendy Hadley

Property Manager, Belvoir Rugby

‘Using TouchRight has saved us a lot of time.  The reports look far more professional and the end product is fantastic.’

Gwen Williams
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Gwen Williams

Branch Manager, Belvoir Bedford

‘Before, a report was literally taking all day, now I just do the report on the tablet, press a button and it’s all done! It’s saving 50% of our time.’

Janet Burns
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Janet Burns

Director - Walmsley Residential Lettings

‘You don’t recognise that change is needed to your routines until something comes along to highlight the possibility. This is how we feel about the TouchRight reporting system which has shown us a way to improve the presentation of the reports to our clients, helped us to streamline our house visit arrangements and generally speaking made life easier!

Rachel and Terry have been a constant and reliable support to us during our learning curve in using the system and we would not hesitate to recommend them to you.’

Tom Archer
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Tom Archer

Lettings Manager, CXG Group

‘Here at CXG we are always looking to adopt new technology and as such, TouchRight was a must for us when it was released. Landlord feedback has been great, with us going from a one page written report to a 10-15 page inspection report with photos – and even better we have won Landlord instructions who have switched to us from other agents based purely on the strength of our inspection report. TouchRight have created a great app here, I know they are working hard to continually improve it and we can’t wait to see what comes next!’

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