Easy as 1,2,3

Save up to 50% Time.

Agents and property managers have the option to either complete a report at a property, over-the-phone in the office or use the remote self-service option with tenants and landlords.

TouchRight is intuitive, quick and easy to use, and a report can be created instantly with a few simple clicks resulting in more reports per day!

Get a fast and paperless process with no typing of notes or uploading photos, which is as easy as 1,2,3…

Touch or Talk

Touch or Talk?

You Decide…

Create reports even quicker using built-in device voice recognition (3/4G or WiFi required).

Dictate your comments straight into your report template, without the need for any costly transcription or lengthy dropdown selections.  Perfect for detailed inventories! 

Branded Reports

Stand Out from the Crowd.

For speed, use the quick-start ready-made report template options. Alternatively, design your own high-quality, customised templates with bespoke questions and terms and conditions. We can also help create bespoke templates to replicate your existing reports to help with consistency and staff familiarity.

Design a host of different report templates, including inventories, mid-terms, check ins, check outs, maintenance, Legionnella and more.  Your template options are unlimited. Make the most of features like signature capture and linking of reports, plus all photos are date and time stamped for adjudication purposes. All photos can be enlarged in the PDF report for easier viewing*.

Get consistent, professional, own-branded reports every time that your clients will love, increasing the value of the managed services you provide.

Mobile Device with Appointments

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Get more productivity from your iOS and Android devices and produce consistent, high-quality, TDS/DPS compliant reports every time, saving time and paper.

Use the option to link reports so you can see on your device what comments you made at a previous property visit. In the final PDF report, you can choose to display previous comments and photos, providing a comparison which is ideal for dispute purposes.    

Create one inventory report, then re-use and update it multiple times across the tenancy lifecycle.  You can even add your old paper inventory reports directly into the dashboard so they are ready to review and create a check-out report.  

The copying feature is great for inventories where properties are similar,  or simply the same in each bedroom.

Push TouchRight appointments straight to your own office calendar for better staff visibility.  Plus, save time by taking advantage of our free data upload facility to add all of your property details in one go.

Create user accounts for clients, staff, managers and external contractors. Each has distinct permission levels, so you can manage your users closely and securely.

TouchRight Multiple Devices

24/7 Dashboard.

The TouchRight Dashboard allows you to securely access and manage your properties, appointments, report templates, users and reports.  Share information easily between offices and remote staff by using the calendar and appointment scheduling feature. Get an overview of inspections scheduled on any given day, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

No more delayed reports – share completed reports instantly with your colleagues and clients for urgent action. Email directly from the dashboard, or give your clients a secure cloud portal login to view their own reports.

Engage tenants and landlords

Engage Tenants and Landlords.

Give your landlords and tenants the option to complete, review, comment and sign reports remotely, providing an end-to-end paper-free solution.

Short on resource or time? Set up a report and send it to a landlord or tenant to be completed by them remotely, within a given timeframe. They can add details, photos and sign remotely, and you manage the process at every stage. Or simply choose to complete a report with the tenant over-the-phone. Any types of reports can be completed, including property appraisals for landlords, inspections for tenants, and pre-check outs for tenants.

Also use the Comments feature for key reports in the tenancy timeline, such as the check in. Whether you choose to check tenants in at the office or at the property, this feature will speed up the move in process, as a report can be sent electronically to a tenant for them to check, review and sign in their own time, on any device. You are in control of the approvals and timescales.

Once a report is submitted from a tenant/landlord, you can access the report to accept or decline their comments. The report remains visible on a link at every stage, and once the process is complete, the tenant/landlord can download the report as a PDF with their comments included. Everything is neatly documented, tracked and visible in an audit log at the back of the PDF report. It will be clear when the report was sent, opened, submitted and signed, helping to support any disputes.

Lone Worker Protection.

Are you and your lone workers safe and secure? TouchRight has got you covered with Lone Worker Protection. This convenient feature will enable you to send discreet alerts at the touch of a button. It’s fully customisable to meet your specific requirements with a bespoke amber/red alert system and alert notifications. You can detect the location of lone workers quickly when alert is received using the latest GPS technology. The alert log then enables you to view all alert notifications.

Get a Low-Cost Solution.

We offer different monthly plans to suit your business needs.  There are no start-up costs, fixed-term contracts, or user and device limits on any plan.

Prices can be lower than £1 per report on an All Inclusive plan if you produce a volume of reports per property.

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