Private Rental Accommodation Is On The Rise: Property Inspections Are Paramount!

Research conducted by the UK’s leading independent real estate consultancy, Knight Frank, highlights the proportion of households living in the UK’s private rented sector will rise to 24% by 2021. Within five years there will be 5.79 million households living in private rented accommodation. With this rapid rate of growth in the sector, the importance of good property management – including regular property inspections – is critical.

Why is property inspection so important?

Failure to undertake periodic inspections and provide any required maintenance is primarily a risk to tenant safety. Dissatisfied and unhappy tenants may vacate the property, or, request a decrease in agreed rent payments. Securing new tenants may also prove to be difficult and the resale value of the property could be jeopardised.

Conducting regular inspections will …

… help agents spot potential problems early and keep on top of any issues.

… provide an open dialogue between agent and tenant, building a healthy and positive relationship.

… ensure the tenant is maintaining the property to the same standard as when the keys were provided.

How TouchRight can help

TouchRight can make the property inspection process quick, simple and stress-free for agents!

Our intuitive software provides you with 20+ quick-start property report templates, including inventories, mid terms, check-ins and check-outs. With only a few simple clicks you’ll be able to produce professional, branded reports that your clients will love.

All templates are fully customisable to suit your own requirements. You can simply mirror your existing paper reports and even set up ‘linking‘ so that you can easily access and view your previous report findings and create comparison reports.

In addition, our software integrates with FixFlo. You can identify specific repairs, include photographs, and then easily push details from your TouchRight report to your FixFlo account for immediate action.

Join the wide range of leading agents across the UK using TouchRight to save time, money and paper. Register for your free 30-Day Trial today.

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