TouchRight joins the UKAA to help BTR operators digitally transform their property reporting

There are many aspects to a BTR business and there are a number of different property reports that either need to be completed for the block, the apartment or even by the tenant. TouchRight can help operators produce these reports as they look to add digital efficiencies to their business.

Who we are

TouchRight Software provides ‘PropTech’ software in the form of a dashboard and mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The company is Yorkshire-based and the platform is being widely used across the UK in different sectors for any number of different property reports.

What we do

TouchRight Software provides simple, easy to use property reporting software, designed for property professionals.  The Award-winning software helps property managers produce property reports with ease, saving time, paper and adding even more value.  They can create a host of bespoke custom property reports with a few simple clicks, using the web and mobile app to complete a report on site at a block or property.  Or to help with social distancing, there is an option to create a report over-the-phone/Zoom/FaceTime in the office or send a report to the tenants for completion in a remote, self-service way.

Using a phone or tablet, the software can help to streamline labour intensive inspection reporting including concierge, block, build to rent, surveys and PRS reports (inventory, check out, routine inspection, maintenance, legionella).  Users can fine tune their templates to include furniture packs to save time on-site at the property, plus making use of the remote ‘comments’ and ‘linking’ features can help an operator be paper-free.

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More than just property reports

Operators can enhance their repairs and maintenance process by tagging issues so they can share with their contractors, or if they use Fixflo, seamlessly share the information in their Fixflo account using the integration. The TouchRight open API integrates with a number of platforms including agentOS, Acquaint, Qube SLM, Reapit, SME Professional, Fixflo and Signable for seamless sharing of data, with more in the pipeline. Plus the app includes some basic lone worker protection to assist with health and safety policies.

Moving forwards

TouchRight is looking forward to working with the great BTR community to help the digital transformation process with property reporting. TouchRight has a free trial available and provides bespoke assistance to get everything set up and ready-to-use, including creating custom report templates and staff training.

Please get in touch on 01904 390109 to find out more.

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