Need help completing Legionella Risk Assessments?

There continues to be lots of discussion on letting agent and landlord forums about the requirements to carry out risk Legionella Risk Assessments on managed properties, and what the responsibilities are for all parties. The onus is on the landlords to get the Risk Assessment done in each of their properties, however if the property is being managed by a letting agency/property management company, then the onus is on them to inform the landlord that they should consider a Risk Assessment on their property.   Although we know that residential properties are in a lower risk situation (as they generally have a high turnover of water), a risk assessment is still recommended and it will need periodically updating.

As you may be aware, a ‘competent person’ needs to carry out the assessment, so making sure you and your team are fully trained on the requirements for carrying out an assessment is of course a must, if you are planning to do this in-house, as some understanding of plumbing and pipework is needed.  However finding the time and resources to get your staff trained is another matter.

Some TouchRight customers are choosing to set up their contractors as external users within their account to complete the reports choosing between the two templates we have available.  If you don’t have the resource or you are struggling to get them all complete, we’re here to help!

We have a number of national, qualified Legionella providers who are using TouchRight to complete Legionella Reports digitally for their clients and we have recently used this resource to help out a number of letting agents across the UK who do not have the in-house resources or expertise to complete those reports themselves.

We can help provide you with a similar service, to connect you with a national provider who have staff on-hand who are trained and ready.  They will use TouchRight to produce a professional report in a fraction of the time, using the Risk Assessment template and a follow-up Review template, to periodically review the property.  The templates follow guidelines set out by the Residential Landlords Association.  The report will be created quickly and easily at a property on a mobile or tablet device via the TouchRight app, and then synced back to their TouchRight Dashboard for their office manager to review before sending you the PDF report for your files, ready to send onto the landlord.

If the property addresses are close together, 15 reports can often be completed in one day by one trained person.  So with a little bit of coordination at your end (planning and tracking a daily schedule, letting the tenants know and getting the keys ready) you will have all your portfolio complete in no time.  Invoicing will be done on a weekly basis and the good thing is that multiple back to back days will result in volume pricing…

If you think this service could be useful to you, please get in contact at or give us a call to discuss any thoughts on 01904 390109.

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