CES 2019: Let’s Talk Tech!

It’s that time of the year for the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show which takes place in Las Vegas, and there have been plenty of innovative products on display.

So what could be the next ‘big thing’ that you might use or see in your homes in the future? We’ve taken a look at ‘what’s hot’ at this year’s event in Las Vegas!

Flexible smartphones

flexible smartphoneFancy completing your TouchRight reports on a flexible smartphone with a bendable screen, which can be unfurled into a tablet device? We’re certainly keen to to keep an eye on how these develop further in the coming months.

Image: The Royole FlexPai fully flexible smartphone

rollabe tvRollable and modular televisions

In the not so distant future your properties may house a rollable, flexible or modular television as manufacturers are increasingly experimenting with new shapes, sizes and forms. With tenants/homeowners increasingly needing to utilise every inch of space in their properties, imagine how fantastic it would it be to have a rollable TV that simply unfurls out of a box at the touch of a button! Image: LG Signature Series OLED R

alexa maps‘Alexa’ in your vehicle

You’re probably used to conversing with ‘Alexa’ at home, but how do you feel about Amazon’s voice assistant transitioning into your car too? Alexa’s mapping functionality could soon be navigating you to your property appointments, through simple voice interaction. No more time spent setting up and arguing with your sat nav! In addition, if the dreaded warning light(s) appear on your dashboard to alert you of a mechanical problem, don’t panic, you can simply ask ‘Alexa’ for more information on the fault. Image: Here Technologies is using Alexa in its navigation tools

smart doorSmart door

Your tenants may never have to worry about staying at home to wait for a parcel delivery again with the ‘smart door’. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular but we’re not always able to wait at home to take delivery of our goods and parcel theft is a huge cause for concern. This ‘smart door’ works through wireless technology, locking away small parcels in its hidden compartments. It even alerts the police if larger ones are stolen!

smart doorbellSmart security

The smart home security market is growing rapidly and you and your tenants can be reassured by the large range of smart doorbell products on the horizon. Amazon-owned Ring’s Door View Cam is ideal for rental properties as it can be attached via an existing peephole in a door with no need to damage the door by drilling holes. It also has a sensor which provides notification if someone knocks on the door instead of ringing the bell. Image: Ring Door View Cam

Last but not least, presenting the ever so slightly quirky concepts

lightsaberNeed to vent some frustration after a long hard day at the office …grab a willing colleague and challenge them to a dual using a new lightsaber designed to withstand high-impact clashes!

officeBored with the interior decor of your office? Grad the doodle robot ‘Scribit‘ who can decorate walls with elaborate drawings and then easily erase them when you want a fresh new look.

lovot robotLooking for a lovable companion who doesn’t answer you back? ‘Lovot’ the pet robot may just fit the bill. Lovot may not be smart, but it is cute and designed purely to make you smile. It may yet be the surprise hit of CES 2019!

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