A quick Q&A with TouchRight!

To help you get to know what TouchRight is all about, and find out why our proptech solution is a ‘must have’ for your agency this year, we threw some quickfire questions at TouchRight Director, Terry Lightfoot.
Here’s what he had to say …

TouchRight Multiple Devices1) How would you describe TouchRight … an App, a piece of software, a plugin or something else?
TouchRight is a cloud-based software platform, with a dashboard and iOS/Android apps.

2) What does it do?
Its primary function is to help property professionals create custom property reports along the tenancy timeline in a digital format. It’s designed to save property managers lots of admin time back in the office and take away the need to upload photos and print reports, whilst at the same time producing a professional report that adds additional value to management fees. There are lots of extra features included, such as the option to tag issues and repairs at the property, plus a number of integrations with other software providers to let data flow seamlessly. It’s a very comprehensive platform!

3) Which market sector is TouchRight aimed at and does it replace any part of the agent’s current business activity?
TouchRight is currently aimed at the property management side of a letting agent’s business. However that said, our simple ‘Lone Worker’ feature could also be used by the negotiators and the sales side of the business at no extra cost. We’re not about replacing current business activity, but more about digital transformation, as agents review their business processes and introduce proptech to support the different departments. This can often be the case when an agent introduces the software to their external contractors, which brings added benefits of incorporating everything into one system. We have customers all around the UK from independents to franchise brands with a broad mix of small single branch agents to very large multi branch agents that have reviewed their business processes and introduced TouchRight to their PM teams.

4) Times are tough at the moment, why is your Proptech solution a ‘must have’ for agents in 2019?
At the start of 2019 and as a result of the imminent tenant fees ban, we’ve already had many enquiries from agents who are looking to increase their fees to landlords, and those agents want to show additional value for those fees. The need to ‘sharpen up’ the mid-term inspection process is one way of doing this as the final reports not only look professional, they show the necessary maintenance detail to keep the properties to a high standard, thus demonstrating the letting agents worth. This alone has won agents some new landlords. The other features in the software including linking reports (so agents can see what they said at previous inspections) and click to enlarge photos which means less need to print reports, saving on the expense of office consumables. Some customers even report back there is less need for all their filing cabinets! Proptech and a minimalist office space is definitely the way forward!

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