Make paper saving a priority

Why should we care about our paper usage? Paper is pretty cheap and renewable, but unfortunately paper is substantially more resource intensive than you might think.  Here’s why, and how you can save a ton of paper (and money) at work…

Trees, as we know, are important to maintain a balance of nature, and it takes around seventeen full grown trees to make one tonne of paper.  Yes, you can follow all of the normal tips like collecting used paper and recycling it, changing your printer settings to print both sides and spread awareness about the importance of paper to use it sparingly and wisely.  But what about making more use of technology to prevent the need to print?

Store all of your documents digitally

There are no excuses for not storing all of your key documents in digital format, either on your computer or in the cloud.  You could do away with the need for filing cabinets and free your staff from paper-filled desks and intrays!

Use a digital camera wisely

You’ll already be using digital cameras to take property photos, but how are you storing those photos, and are you uploading them into documents, only to print them out again later?  Digital cameras can save a lot of paper if used wisely. Storing photos in the cloud should reduce the need to print, if they can be shared with the right people at the right time.

Adopt an eco-friendly policy throughout your business

Some agents have adopted an eco policy throughout their business, so it covers all aspects of their business.  Not only through recycling and upcycling, but encouraging staff and customers to stop wasting paper and instead go digital with all sorts of things including shopping lists and birthday cards.  There are plenty of apps available to help with these tasks.

The info below illustrates just how much money a letting agent can save by simply reducing their reliance on paper:

Printing costs

Print five reports less per day and it might save you £29.60 per day or £7,814 per year.

Environmental savings would equate to:

Eco savings

Adopting a digital approach to property reporting will provide you with a full end-to-end paperfree solution.

You can begin your paperless journey immediately by using our ‘quick-start’ report templates, or duplicate your existing paper reports using our bespoke template builder.  An unlimited number of photos can be added to your reports through our multi-upload feature, and all photos are date and time stamped.

To keep on top of property maintenance, you can simply ‘tag’ any issues in your reports and send directly to your contractors (no additional paperwork or notes needed!).  If you use Fixflo your tagged issues will all seamlessly push into your Fixflo account.

Reports can be linked to help you quickly view and compare details across the entire tenancy lifecycle.  This saves going to a filing cabinet to find the previous report, and is ideal to make sure tenants aren’t breaking any tenancy rules, or to keep an eye on your contractors work.  It also works well for in-house inventories and check outs. You can produce a ‘comparison’ or a ‘changes’ report which is ideal for disputes or follow up actions.

Any report can be emailed as a PDF and viewed online, and all photos can be enlarged to full size for easier viewing.  This is great for bringing issues and repairs clearly to life and essential for dispute cases. It also reduces any need for printing.

You can also use the ‘comments’ feature to email reports to landlords and tenants so they can review, comment and sign reports remotely, again keeping the report away from the printer.

Not a sheet of paper in sight throughout the entire reporting process and your reports will be completed in half the time compared to traditional pen and paper reporting!

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