Private rental sector tenants are staying in the same property for longer …

A survey undertaken by property insurance firm, Cover4LetProperty, indicates that more than half of private rental sector tenants have remained in the same property for at least five years.

Long-term tenants are invaluable for landlords and agents, both financially and emotionally! They ensure a consistent revenue stream and are highly likely to look after the property and have a good relationship with the landlord/agent.

Quoted in this month’s edition of The Negotiator, Richard Waind, Director – Your Move, said:

“Tenants want to feel settled and if landlords can provide a suitable living space and service, tenancy lengths may increase across the UK. Through this type of extended agreement, we hope to see more cooperation between landlords and renters who both benefit from the affordability and stability long-term renting can provide.”

To ensure the happiness of your fantastic long-term tenant(s) and to ensure their ongoing occupancy, regular property inspections are key! Periodic inspections will highlight any maintenance issues, ensure tenant safety and keep properties in prime condition.

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