We run a series of ongoing webinars that you can watch on your computer, and participate from your desk.

Our webinars are interactive, so you can ask any questions you might have in relation to using the software for your business.

We’ve highlighted some of the key areas, with approximate times below.  However if there’s more specific features that you’d like to know more about please let us know using the form below.



Find out how TouchRight can help you save time. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…! (30 minutes)

New to TouchRight or curious to find out more, then this is the webinar for you. We will talk about some core “Getting Started” tasks covering the 1,2,3 steps as well as some top tips for how you can get the most out of TouchRight.

App overview – the basics (20 minutes)

Get an overview of the app basics to complete reports and get some top tips on your device’s features that can help with reporting.

Creating inventory reports – an introduction for agents already using TouchRight (30 minutes)

Thinking about bringing your inventory services in-house or sharing the system with your inventory provider? Learn how you can even add your old paper inventory reports directly into the Dashboard so they are ready to review and create a check-out report. Also learn how you can dictate your comments straight into your report template, without the need for any costly transcription or lengthy dropdown selections (3/4G or WiFi required).

Creating inventory reports and linked check outs – an introduction for Inventory Clerks (60 minutes)

Looking at using technology to help speed up your inventory recording processes and to save time and money on lengthy transcriptions/dictations? Learn how TouchRight can help, providing you with the option to dictate your comments straight into your report template (3/4G or WiFi required). Perfect for detailed inventories! Are you part of the AiiC? If so, get access to an approved AiiC inventory template.

Report linking…save time and paper by viewing previous report comments (20 minutes)

Want to save time and paper by using the option to link reports so you can see what comments you made at a previous property visit? Learn how you can put this into practice, and create reports that include previous report photos and comments.

Self-service and over-the-phone/Zoom/FaceTime reporting (20 minutes)

To help with social distancing concerns, find out how to use the option to create a report either over-the-phone/Zoom/FaceTime in the office, or send to the tenants for completion in a remote, self-service way. No app use required for tenants.

Remote comments – the paper free way to get tenants to review, comment and sign reports remotely (15 minutes)

Find out how to use this feature to send reports to tenants, with real-time updates, time-based reminders and a full history log, plus the ability to convert comments straight to repair issues.

Copying – a great time saving feature in the app or dashboard (15 minutes)

Learn how to copy whole reports, rooms or text boxes in the app to save time. Also get the option to copy reports when back on the dashboard. Great for inventories when properties are similar or simply the same in each bedroom. Text box copying is ideal if parts of a property are the same.

How to use custom templates (15 minutes)

Find out how to digitally transform your current paper reports or make full use of the custom template builder for all your Property Management reports i.e. routine inspections, inventories, check ins, check outs, HMO, maintenance, Legionella, HHSRS, FFHH, block inspections, build to rent and more.

How to tag issues and repairs (15 minutes)

Find out how to tag your maintenance issues in the app or back on the dashboard. It’s perfect for keeping on top of property maintenance and generating issue reports that can be sent to contractors. Also if you use Fixflo, issues can be seamlessly pushed to your Fixflo account.

Integrations – get connected! (10 minutes)

We are big advocates of systems being connected, and have an Open API. We currently connect with Acquaint, agentOS, Qube SLM, Reapit, SME Professional, Fixflo and Signable. More integrations coming in 2021.

Lone worker protection (10 minutes)

Find out how to use this unique feature that allows users to send custom alerts from the app, including a map location.

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Please add your preferred dates and times below, and let us know if there is any other information you'd like us to cover in the webinar.