Fall in love with property reporting software from TouchRight

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Why not show your property managers some love this month, and beyond. Introduce them to our award-winning property reporting solution – TouchRight Software!

They’ll be swept off their feet by the time, paper and money savings that TouchRight will bring to the business.

Take advantage of our special offer ‘no payment required until May 2018*’, and we guarantee your property managers will instantly fall in love with​:

  • Our new and improved iOS V5 app – designed to be even more mobile
  • No more lengthy typing of notes a fast and paperless process resulting in more reports per day!
  • Customised reports (that clients will love!) can be created instantly with a few simple clicks, or we’ll create them for you​
  • A choice of 20+ quick start templates – we’ve got all of your property reports covered e.g. mid-term, inventories, check in/out, maintenance, legionella, block, HMO​ and more!
  • Linked reports – shows report detail from your last appointment​ on your device, great for check outs or simply reminding you what a property was like during your last inspection
  • Unlimited photo upload – unlike some other platforms, add as many photos as you need for no extra cost
  • A 24/7 dashboard ‘anytime’ secure access to manage properties, appointments, templates, users and reports
  • Quick view of scheduled inspections – which can be shared easily between offices, and with remote staff, through the calendar and appointment scheduling feature
  • Instant access to reports – completed reports can be conveniently shared with colleagues and clients for urgent action
  • PDF photo enlarge –  a favourite feature of PM’s and landlords. Click on any photo in a PDF report and see it enlarge to full size on the screen. Great for disputes, maintenance and saving the need to print! A feature not all platforms can provide…
  • API integrations – move data quickly and easily between systems. Identify and ‘tag’ repairs and push seamlessly into Fixflo. Share appointment and property data from Qube and LetMC. Take advantage of e-signature with Signable!

The benefits are endless, but don’t just take our word for it:  

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“Before, a report was literally taking all day, now I just do the report on the tablet, press a button and it’s all done! It’s saving 50% of our time.”

Branch Manager, Belvoir Bedford

“In an already busy industry, TouchRight takes the stress out of what is a fundamental part of property management at the tap of a button. TouchRight provides the tools to effectively provide clients with updated snapshots of their properties in a user-friendly format.”

Spencer Lawrence, Lettings Director, Paramount

To begin sharing the benefits of TouchRight with your team, try our Free Trial  using the promotion code May2018.

*Payment starts 1st May 2018.

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