A New Year, Why Not Try a New Approach to Property Reporting?

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is here already, where did the past year go? With the New Year freshly upon us, it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and evaluate your business processes. How can you improve, streamline, optimise and get smarter?

The answer is simple, say yes to ‘PropTech’ and a smarter way of working with TouchRight Software!

TouchRight will eliminate costly and inefficient processes such as: handwriting/typing inspection reports, using external inventory clerks to conduct check-ins/inventories/check-outs and spending precious hours compiling property reports using dictation and a camera.

TouchRight will transform the way you and your team work, providing:

  • A fast, paperless process resulting in more reports per day
  • A choice of 20+ quick start templates (e.g. mid-terms, inventories, check in/out, maintenance)
  • Bespoke templates customised to suit the requirements of your agency
  • A 24/7 dashboard to access and edit reports at anytime from anywhere
  • ‘Linked reports’ to provide an overview of the entire tenancy cycle
  • Unlimited photo upload
  • Photo enlargement to view fine detail (essential in cases of dispute)
  • A flexible pricing plan with no fixed contract
  • No additional charges for multiple users or devices
  • Integration with FixFlo and Qube to share property data quickly and easily

Letting agents, ensure TouchRight is at the top of your New Year resolutions list …trial our software free for 30 days and we promise you won’t look back!

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